Flight plans

Flight plans are documents that are filed by pilots with the Aviation Authority prior to departure. It has basic information pertaining to the aircraft,number of passengers on board, its destination, and points along the way that can be used in case of bad weather. A sample flight plan is above you can click on to get a better view of it. This document is required at all IFR airports in the U.S., IFR stands for "Instrument Flight Rules". These set of rules pertains to using the aircrafts instruments and air traffic control to tell where you are, your altitude,speed, etc..There is also VFR which is "Visual Flight Rules" and as it explains you use your vision instead of the instruments onboard.
All major carrier airlines use flight plans especially at bigger airports. Its actually a good idea to fill one out and fly via IFR even if your flying a single engine Cessna. Reason being is if you go off radar for any reason they can track your last known flight plan and trace you. Its truely a smarter idea because you never know what may happen.
Of course smaller airports don't require IFR and most fly VFR. The choice is yours however your flight school will explain this more in detail with you.

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