The Cessna 172 is the most popular, most manufactured small light weight aircraft ever built. This aircraft is also widely used in teaching future pilots to fly. When you too decide to learn to fly this will probably be the airplane you will to end up flying.
The aircraft is a four seat passenger single engine high wing airplane. The first production models where delivered in 1956 and are still being made up to today 2007.
Even up to some of your airline pilots today that work for the major airline carriers have flown in a Cessna to start out their careers in aviation as well. It is the perfect plane to take your friends and family for a sight seeing tour or to travel to another state.
A few known facts about the 172 is that its cruising speed is between 105-125 knots depending on the engine and vintage. The older Cessnas had a 145 horsepower engine and later airplanes had a 180 horsepower engine. However the 150-160 horsepower are more common with a service ceiling of 15,100 feet.
It is also an easy aircraft to learn how to fly in which makes it ideal for schools to use in teaching their own students.