Pilots license

So what does it take to get your pilots license? Well that all depends on the license you want since there are a few different types. There is your private pilots license to your recreational one and then there is yet another one for you to become an actual airline pilot.
If you are just looking to get your private pilots license or recreational one not for hire it can take you about 4-6 months to get if you go to school part-time. If you go full time then you could get it much quicker in about 2-3 months time. The requirements for this type of license is that you are at least 16 years of age, full knowledge of the English language and that you pass a class 3 medical exam.
Learning to fly is the best experience you will ever encounter in your life. The freedom to get in a airplane and just go and fly anywhere you want, you have to admit would be great.
Your recreational pilots license is about the fastest and easiest way to get to flying. This license will not allow you to fly at night which you would have to take an instrument ratings test in order to do that. To get yourself going with this type of license your looking in the neighborhood of about $4000-$5000 to get your private pilot or recreational license for non commercial usage. Of course you can take your friends and family with you if you choose.
For those of you choosing to become an airline pilot you too of course will start off with a private pilots license as well. The airline industry requires that pilots have extensive amount of hours to get hired. This is why a lot of graduates that get their pilots license become instructors. By doing this they accumulate flying hours for their log books.
The steps to becoming an airline pilot is as follows, first they obtain a private pilots license. After that they go for their instrument ratings exam. Next its on to getting their twin engine license. Yes, when you go for your private pilots license its for a single engine.
New pilots become instructors to accumulate flight hours for their log books. To become an airline pilot there is another special schooling to learn about jet/turbine engines. These types of engines are a different beast then turbo props that you first learn to fly.

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