Pilot John Travolta

Learning to fly has been practiced by many walks of life including actor John Travolta. The difference is that John has always had the dream even before his acting career to become a pilot himself. Becoming an actor for John has given him the opportunity to learn how to fly all types of aircrafts in his life. It is also said that at a young age he also had a room full of model airplanes in his room.
Of course is not cheap to learn how to fly, just learning to fly a single engine aircraft can run in the neighborhood of $4000-$5000 dollars. However Johns acting career has given him the opportunity to be able to do it all.
Now don't go thinking you cannot go learn to fly because of cost. Courses can be taken over time and not all at once. Getting your single engine private pilots license is something that you should do if flying is your dream.
John Travolta is so enthusiastic about his aircrafts and flying that he owns a total of five of them and parks two of them in the picture seen below in his private home. Even the Boeing 707 is parked there too. This is how strongly he feels about aviation and perhaps you do to since you are still reading this article.

The photo above is of John Travolta's home and where he parks his jets. This is how passionate he is about his aircrafts, by the way located there to is his of course air strip.
Perhaps you feel as passionate as John does when it comes to flying. All it takes is determination to get your own pilots license yourself and you will be well on your way to your flying career as well.

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